Description Logic (DL)

Lecture number: 437265-HS2017-0
Start: 2017-09-19
End: 2017-12-19
Venue: Hörraum B077, Exakte Wissenschaften, ExWi
Lectures take place on:
  • Tuesday from 09:15 to 12:00


Description Logic (DL) has a long tradition in computer science and knowledge representation, being designed so that domain knowledge can be described and so that computers can reason about this knowledge. DL has recently gained increased importance since it form the logical basis of widely used ontology languages, in particular the web ontology language OWL.

After completion of this course, the students

  • understand syntax and semantics of DL and are capable of modeling specific knowledge in DL
  • know the basic model theory of DL
  • can describe the different reasoning problems in DL
  • are able to apply various algorithms to solve those reasoning problems
  • understand the computational complexities of those problems and algorithms
  • know the fundamentals of ontology mediated query answering