Logic and Theoretical Computer Science (LTCS)

Lecture number: 101194-HS2018-0
Start: 2018-09-20
End: 2018-12-20
Venue: Hörraum A097, ExWi, Sidlerstrasse 5
Repetition: Every semester with varying contents.
Lectures take place on:
  • Thursday from 10:15 to 11:30 (Lectures take place according to separate announcement on this page)


Guest speakers, students as well as members of the Logic and Theory Research Group (LTG) present their current work. The main topics are: explicit mathematics and operational set theory, subsystems of second order arithmetic and set theory, systems of bounded arithmetic and bounded set theory, modal logics.

A general platform for students interested in theoretical computer science, logic, and the foundations of mathematics.

In order to obtain credits for this course, it is required to attend this seminar regularly and to present own research results related to the topics mentioned above.

Lecture dates:

  • 20.09 | 10:15 : Room A097, ExWi : U. Buchholtz : Modal type theories and universes of infinity-categories (Abstract)
  • 27.09 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : B. Senti : Bachelor thesis presentation: "Proving program termination" (Abstract)
  • 04.10 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : A. Freund : Computing with Bachmann-Howard fixed points (Abstract)
  • 18.10 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : L. Kwuida : "An Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis" (Abstract)
  • 01.11 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : B. Zahn : Bachelor thesis presentation: "Schwache Implementationen des RSA-Kryptosystems" (Info)
  • 08.11 | 09:15 CANCELLED ! Room 331, Hauptgebäude : W. Pohlers : "On the performance of axiom systems" (Abstract)
  • 14.11 | 10:15 Room B116, ExWi : W. Pohlers : "On the performance of axiom systems" (Abstract)
  • 15.11 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : K. Fujimoto : "Predicates, Predicativity, and Second-order Arithmetic" (Abstract)
  • 06.12 | 10:15 Room A097, ExWi : M. Rathjen : "Upper Bounds of the Graph Minor Theorem" (Abstract)


Learning outcome: Students are able to give a coherent talk about their ongoing research activities and to present their work to an interested audience.


Basic knowledge in mathematical logic and/or theoretical computer science.


To be announced in the course of the seminar.