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Strahm, T.: Unfolding schematic systems. In: Jäger, G. and Sieg, W. Feferman on Foundations - Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy. Springer (In Press).
Frittaion, E., Steila, S., Yokoyama, K.: The Strength of the SCT Criterion. In: Gopal, T.V., Jäger, G., and Steila, S. Theory and Applications of Models of Computation - 14th Annual Conference, {TAMC} 2017, Bern, Switzerland, April 20-22, 2017, Proceedings. pp. 260–273 (2017).
Jäger, G.: Operational closure and stability. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 164, 813-821 (2013).
Jäger, G.: Modal Fixed Point Logics. In: Esparza, J., Spanfelner, B., and Grumberg, O. Logics and Languages for Reliability and Security. IOS Press (2010).
Jäger, G., Krähenbühl, J.: $Σ^1_1$ choice in a theory of sets and classes. In: Schindler, R. Ways of Proof Theory. pp. 283-314. Ontos Verlag (2010).
Jäger, G.: Full operational set theory with unbounded existential quantification and power set. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 160, 33-52 (2009).
Jäger, G.: Operations, sets and classes. In: Glymour, C., Wei, W., and Westerstahl, D. Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science - Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Congress. College Publications (2009).
Jäger, G., Kretz, M., Studer, T.: Canonical completeness of infinitary mu. Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming. 76, 270-292 (2008).